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    Sorry to get all TikTok MBA on you, but if you’re employing the rule of three in your marketing, you really want to make that third element count. It needs to sing. It needs to be explosive, or at least thoroughly radioactive. More than anything, it needs to upend any breezy certainties that elements one and two have lulled you into. It needs to be an agent of rapid recontextualisation.

    Thank you for attending my TED Talk. And look at the giant screen behind me and you’ll see Ultros, a Metroidvania that mints pure gold from the rule of three. What are we in for here? Action, exploration, and gardening. Wait. Gardening? What? Where am I?

    The first two of these elements, in Ultros’ case, are relatively easy to get your head around. It’s the third that, for me, took a while to make its influence – and its fascinating impact – clear. So let’s discuss all of these pieces in turn. But first, let’s talk about the art, because, the rule of three aside, the art is the primal draw here.

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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