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    Following the second consecutive Super Bowl victory for the Kansas City Chiefs, CBS aired the series premiere of Tracker, the adventure procedural that it is clearly hoping to be one of its next big hits. The series stars and is executive produced by This Is Us alum Justin Hartley, whose Colter Shaw is a nomad reward-seeker who tracks down missing people and possessions all over the country. With the setting and cases constantly changing, Tracker leaves the door open for a lot of potential guest stars.

    One of the guest stars already set for Season 1 of Tracker is actress Sofia Pernas, star of shows like The Brave and Blood & Treasure. Pernas also happens to be Hartley’s real-life wife. While speaking to The Hollywood Reporter about the Tracker premiere, Hartley confirmed that Pernas is appearing on the show in a few episodes, playing a former love interest of Colter’s.

    “Yes, Sofia [Pernas] is coming in episode six,” Hartley revealed. “She is a blast from the past. Colter had a relationship with her, and they were kind of in the reward business together. And then she sold him down the river. It wasn’t great. And so, they had a schism that happened in their relationship, and she comes back into his life for a certain reason and they’re forced to work together in a way to get to a common goal. By the time you get to episode six, you will see this is outside of Colter’s comfort zone. There is obviously an attraction there, but something that happened that is very sad.”

    Fans of This Is Us will also be wondering if any of Hartley’s co-stars from that series are going to appear in Tracker at some point. While no on-screen reunions have been confirmed, This Is Us alum Jon Huertas is going to be directing an episode this season.

    “I don’t know which episode it is, maybe episode nine, Jon Huertas who played Miguel is going to direct that episode,” Hartley said. “So that’ll be fun. And all those times that Kevin was kind of a dick to him on This Is Us, I just have a feeling he’s going to come and just be telling me what to do for 10 minutes. (Laughs.) I love him and so it will be fun to work with him again.

    “The invitation is open. It has to be the right part. Something really special. These people who I worked with on This Is Us, all of them, they can do anything. But if I’m lucky enough to get them on my show, I would want to utilize them in the best possible way – which means a big juicy, nice, great big role that is going to occupy a bunch of screen time. Because if you get a star like that, you want to use them as much as you can. I love them. I would work with them for the rest of my life.”

    New episodes of Tracker air on CBS Sunday nights.


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