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    It only takes about 30 hours to “beat” Palworld, but it is easy to dump dozens of additional hours into the game. To this end, some players have already accumulated hundreds of hours of playtime. Despite this, they are discovering new, useful features. In this instance, new isn’t exactly new. It’s new to them though, and apparently many others. In fact, it may even be new to most players, but definitely not all players.

    Taking to Reddit, one player relayed word of this feature and the fact they had no clue it exists despite having more than 100 hours sunk into the game. And the post is one of the top posts on the Palworld Reddit page right now. To this end, the 5,600 votes up and over 700 comments all suggest many players are also just discovering the feature through the post. And when you consider the Palworld Reddit page is populated by many of the most dedicated and hardcore players of the game, it is safe to assume many players in the wider, more casual player base also don’t know about this feature.

    What is the feature, exactly? Well, apparently a lot of Palworld players don’t know that you can repair all while using the repair bench with one simple button prompt, despite the game telling you as much.

    Yeah so after more than 100 hours…i realize i can repair all by pressing R while using the repair bench…
    u/Weebsaika in

    “Reading is hard. After 130 hours, I’ve only discovered this now through your post,” reads the top comment of the post. “Whoa, thats good to know..I found out last night you can press ‘x’ when taking your lost loot to grab all, I felt stupid for clicking one by one every time,” adds a second comment.

    If you are wondering if you can do this on Xbox, yes you can. Rather than press “R” all you need to do is press “Y.” That said, unless the convenience is of the upmost value to you, it is actually not too advisable to do this. It is better to repair things individually as using the repair all will waste materials on items that don’t need to be repaired because there is no scale. The same amount of materials is used no matter how much or how little damage there is. In cases where everything is damaged though, this is a mighty big time saver, as doing it all individually is tedious.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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