Nationwide Strike: ‘Explore Alternative Means Of Dialogue, Negotiation’ – NANS Urges NLC, TUC

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    Nationwide Strike: 'Explore Alternative Means Of Dialogue, Negotiation' - NANS Urges NLC, TUC

    The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) has urged the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC) to halt their planned strike for the nation’s benefit.

    Naija News reports that on February 8th, the NLC and TUC issued a nationwide 14-day strike notice to the government due to their failure to implement agreements reached on October 2nd following the removal of fuel subsidy.

    At a press conference held on a Saturday in Abeokuta, the National President of NANS, Pedro Obi, spoke about the challenges that Nigerians, especially the youth and students, are facing in the midst of current hardships.

    He emphasised that the association is well aware of these challenges and strongly believes that the proposed strike would only worsen the nation’s economic crisis if implemented.

    Obi acknowledged the labor unions’ right to make demands and go on strike to assert their positions but appealed for a reconsideration of the decision, urging them to consider the potential impact on insecurity, the economy, and, most importantly, students’ academic progress nationwide.

    The NANS president urged the Federal Government to expedite the new minimum wage process, stating that it would significantly alleviate the people’s suffering.

    Obi stated, “While recognising the importance of addressing labour-related concerns and advocating for workers’ rights, we kindly urge the labour unions to explore alternative means of dialogue and negotiation with the relevant authorities.

    “A strike, though a powerful tool, can lead to civil unrest and further worsen the security and economic situation of the country.

    “We believe that constructive dialogue and engagement can lead to mutually beneficial solutions without causing nationwide unrest.

    “Our plea is not to undermine the legitimacy of the concerns raised by the labour unions but to emphasise the potential adverse effects a strike could have on all sectors of our economy.

    “We remain hopeful that a consensus can be reached through meaningful discussions, ensuring that the rights and well-being of both workers and students are considered in the pursuit of fair and just solutions.”

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