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    McFarlane Toys’ latest Gold Label DC Multiverse exclusive gives you two Green Lanterns for the price of, well…two. Kilowog Green Lantern of Bolovax Vik / Sector 674 and Kyle Rayner Green Lantern are together in this 2-pack that you can only find here on Amazon priced at $69.99 while they last. It’s set to arrive on March 31st, and you won’t be charged until it ships.

    In addition to the 7-inch scale figures (which means that Kilowog is considerably larger), the set includes figure stands, 2 power batteries, hammer, chest armor, 2 swords, an extra hand, and art cards.

    “KILOWOG: A brilliant geneticist on his home world Bolovax Vik, KILOWOG was proud to serve as GREEN LANTERN of Sector 674. Following the destruction of his planet during the events of CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS(TM), KILOWOG found purpose training new GREEN LANTERN recruits, teaching essential tools to survive the most dangerous job in the universe. GREEN LANTERN(TM) (KYLE RAYNER): During one of the Green Lantern Corps’ darkest hours, young artist Kyle Rayner was chosen to be the universe’s lone Green Lantern by a Guardian of the Universe named Ganthet. The torchbearer for all the Green Lantern Corps would become in the future, Kyle Rayner went on to master all seven colors of the emotional spectrum, the only Lantern to ever truly accomplish such a feat.”


    In other recent, McFarlane Toys news, they launched the Kenner Super Powers wave 7 lineup which includes four new figures along with Braniac’s Skull Ship and Blue Beetle’s The Bug Aerial Mobile Headquarters vehicles. Pre-order details can be found below. Again, US shipping is free at Entertainment Earth on orders $79+.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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