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    Tiana’s Bayou Adventure is opening soon and Walt Disney World just gave fans their first indication of when they can visit. For guests headed to Florida, Walt Disney World’s version of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure opens this summer. That’s great news, but what about the peopled planning a Disneyland excursion. Well, Disneyland Park’s version of Tiana’s revamped Splash Mountain attraction will be open “later in 2024.” If you’ve visited either Disney location, you’ve seen crews hard at work on the much-anticipated re-theming of the fan-favorite attraction. The big opening is closer than some expected!

    USA Today spoke to Disney Experiences Chairman Josh D’Amaro about the new ride and improved animatronics on Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. He said, “Every time we make an advancement in the way that we bring a ride to life or the way that we bring animatronics to life, all of that gets then used to make every single place that we make even better than the last one.”

    Details About Tiana’s New Ride


    For the longest time, Tianas Bayou Adventure was shrouded in mystery. Disney fans cheered when the re-theming of Splash Mountain was announced four years ago. However, there was a lot of discussion about how the company would go about translating Tiana story for the ride. Now, with more information, it seems as though Tiana’s Bayou Adventure will be based around the time after The Princess and the Frog. Our heroine already has the restaurant, and while there are some nods to her transformation and journey, there are new songs present to thrill the guests along with the core of Splash Mountain itself. More details are set to come!

    “You can expect no information from me. I’m sorry,” Rose smiled at ComicBook.com‘s Jamie Jirak. When we asked about the ride, she would joke, “Do you know Disney? Do you know that we say nothing? I can’t say anything. All I can say is they’re really excited, what they’re doing. A lot of love and passionate into it, a lot of research in New Orleans, and hopefully, it’ll be really great.”

    New Original Songs For Tiana?

    (Photo: Disney Parks)

    Over at the Disney Parks Blog, Senior VP of Creative Development for Product/Content and Inclusive Strategies, Carmen Smith announced that there would be some new inclusions for Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. PJ Morton and Terence Blanchard, who worked on The Princess and The Frog, will be providing some new music for the attraction. In fact, Blanchard played the trumpet parts for Louis the Alligator in the movie back when it released. Both artists are excited to keep contributing to Tiana’s world.

    “Today, we’re thrilled to announce that we are collaborating with award-winning artists PJ Morton and Terence Blanchard on the music guests will hear as part of this adventure. Both natives of New Orleans, PJ and Terence will help us score a lyrical love letter to the region that first inspired our endeavor with Princess Tiana,” Smith said. “We’ll have more to share down the road as our teams make progress on a new original song composed by PJ Morton and new renditions of fan favorite music from the Walt Disney Animation Studios hit film, The Princess and the Frog.”

    Will you be heading to the park to ride the new attraction? Let us know down in the comments!


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