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    Delicious in Dungeon is gearing up for its next episode, and now fans have gotten the first look at Episode 7 ahead of its premiere! Delicious in Dungeon has been one of the standout new anime releases of the Winter 2024 anime schedule thus far as Studio Trigger has been tackling Ryoko Kui’s massively popular manga series. Delicious in Dungeon has been steadily revealing more of its fantastical dungeon with each new episode, and Laios and his party have been figuring out how to cook some of the threats they take on in an increasingly dangerous and unknown dungeon setting.

    Delicious in Dungeon has been hard to predict as each of the monsters introduced in the episodes have been wildly different so far, and the adventures are really only beginning. But what can be gleamed for the next episode so far is the fact it’s going to be another wacky adventure for Laios’ party. Delicious in Dungeon has shared the first preview images for Episode 7 teasing a watery new kind of fight, and you can check them out below as spotted by @Namaryuu on X.

    How to Watch Delicious in Dungeon Episode 7

    Delicious in Dungeon Episode 7 will be premiering on Thursday, February 15th with Netflix, and Kadokawa teases the episode as such, “Laios and his friends arrive at the 4th basement floor. In order to cross the vast lake, they need the magic of walking on water, but Senshi, who is against magic, refuses to use it. Instead, he suggests riding across the lake on a water horse (a kelpie) named Anne. Laios objects, saying it’s dangerous because we don’t know the monster’s true intentions, but…”

    You can find the rest of Delicious in Dungeon so far now streaming with Netflix, and they tease the anime as such, “Delicious in Dungeon. That is, ‘to eat’, or ‘to be eaten’ — Within the depths of the dungeon, his younger sister was eaten by a Red Dragon – and adventurer Laios barely made it back to the surface with his life. He attempts the dungeon again, but money and food are deep within its bowels… Faced with the critical situation where his sister may be digested at any moment, Laios decides: ‘Food shall be self-providing from within the dungeon!’ Slimes, basilisks, mimics and even dragons! While eating those that attack you, aim to traverse the dungeons, adventurer!”

    What are you hoping to see from Delicious in Dungeon‘s next episode? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animation and other cool stuff @Valdezology on X (formerly known as Twitter)!


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