Chelsea Green Reacts To Being Dubbed the “Female Miz” (Exclusive)

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    Chelsea Green is one of WWE‘s greatest reacquisitions in the last five years. In 2015 Green competed on the sixth season of WWE Tough Enough. Although she didn’t win and was eliminated pretty late into the competition, it didn’t stop her from trying to achieve her dream of being a WWE Superstar. All of Green’s hard work would eventually pay off when she signed a contract with NXT in 2018 and she would stay with the company until her release in April of 2021.

    Green would then go on to find success on the independents with husband Matt Cardona and even do work in IMPACT as the “Hot Mess,” ROH, and STARDOM. Since her return in 2023 at the Royal Rumble, Not only has she really stepped up to the plate as an in-ring competitor, she is slowly climbing her way to the top of the women’s division. Green is frequently featured on WWE Raw with Piper Niven. Green is one half of the former WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions with both Sonya Deville and Niven. Fans have taken notice to her rise as well, with some online even dubbing her the “female Miz.”

    Comicbook.com’s Haley Miller recently sat down with Green to talk about her return to WWE and when she heard that the WWE Universe has been drawing comparisons between herself and The Miz, Green’s jaw dropped. While some many take offense to such a comment, Green was excited to hear that people had caught on. “I did not know that people were saying that but let me tell you something. Years ago, I walked into Vince’s office and he said, ‘what is your goal?’ and I said, “I want to be the female Miz.’ That was in 2018 or 2019. So thank you so much for telling me that, I had no idea people were saying that!”

    Green went on to discuss how she wants her own career to reflect how well-rounded Miz’s is. Whether it’s acting, having that work-life balance, or simply being a reliable hand in the ring, she wants to get to that point too. “That’s the type of career that I want. I do want to entertain people, I want to be the butt of jokes. But at the end of the day I want to go home to my family, my beautiful husband, my beautiful dogs, eventually my beautiful kids, and have a good life. That’s what Miz has, he has such a perfect work-life balance.”


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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