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    Chelsea Green‘s road to WWE has been a long time in the making. Prior to her signing in 2018, Green took part in WWE’s Tough Enough season six where she made it to week seven before she was eliminated. Green had also done motion capturing for some of WWE’s Superstars in WWE 2K. Green returned to WWE in 2023 at the Royal Rumble and has been a major figure in the women’s division since.

    Since Green’s return, she’s made an immeasurable impact on the WWE Universe each week whether she appears in a backstage promo or segment, in a singles match, at the Royal Rumble or in tag team matches with her partner Piper Niven, it’s clear Green gives her all in every single performance. Green is one half of the former Women’s Tag Team Champions with Niven and Sonya Deville. Now that she’s a full-time roster member once again, she is officially making her debut in the WWE 2K universe as a playable character.

    Green’s model was recently revealed which shows off her WrestleMania 39 blinged out purple ring gear. The attention to detail is pretty incredible, and it even include her purple butterfly clips she wears in her hair. Green recently spoke to Comicbook.com about her big debut in the 2K franchise and how full circle the moment is for her. “It really is a full circle moment, that’s the perfect way to describe it. It’s such a cherry on top of the amazing year that I’ve already had coming into WWE and kind of taking off so quickly,” Green said. “In 2017 I did mocap [motion capture] in California for so many WWE Superstars and at the time I was doing it, I was so sad that I wasn’t part of the WWE roster or the NXT roster. So now looking back, I mean, one thing I will say is I am dying to know who did my mocap. I hope that they had fun with it because I know that when I was there doing it, it was so much fun to do Carmella’s moonwalk, and Valhalla’s tackle and Liv Morgan-isms and Sasha Banks-isms. All of these amazing performers, it was really a fun job to have so I would love to know who did mine and how much fun they had!”

    When Does WWE 2K24 Release?

    This year’s WWE 2K24 game features three unique covers. The standard edition of the game showcases “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes in all his red white and blue glory in his WWE 2K cover debut. Per the description, the standard edition includes “the Nightmare Family Pack featuring Undashing Cody Rhodes with his iconic cowl and mask, vintage ’76 Dusty Rhodes and ‘Superstar’ Billy Graham, Stardust, and an exclusive MyFACTION character of the Mattel ‘Defining Moments’ Bruised Cody Rhodes action figure with Gold MyFACTION card, Dusty Rhodes ’76 MyFACTION card, and Pharaoh Manager card.”

    The groundbreaking Deluxe Edition cover which features two women, WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley and Bianca Belair, has a few unique features. Along with the above, Ripley and Belair will receive alternative attires, there will be myFACTION Gold Card’s for both women, a season pass, and more.

    The third cover coincides with WrestleMania 40, celebrating some of the Superstars that have made WrestleMania what it is throughout the years. WrestleMania 40 takes place in Philadelphia this April. Alongside the Nightmare Family Pack and the Deluxe Edition Content, the special WrestleMania edition will feature the WrestleMania 40 arena, “Macho King” Randy Savage from WrestleMania 6, Rey Mysterio from WrestleMania 22, Triple H from WrestleMania 30, Charlotte Flair from WrestleMania 33, Rhea Ripley from WrestleMania 36 and more.

    WWE 2K24 releases March 8 on Steam, PS5, PS4, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox. It is currently available for pre-order.


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