AEW President Tony Khan “Can’t Comment” on “Terrible” Sex Trafficking Allegations Against Vince McMahon

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    The Vince McMahon situation has swept the professional wrestling industry. This past January just days after WWE’s landmark television deal with Netflix, former WWE employee Janel Grant filed a lawsuit against the longtime WWE Chairman, alleging that McMahon sexually abused her and sexually trafficked her to various co-workers. McMahon would resign from his position as Executive Chairman of TKO, WWE’s parent company, marking the first time in WWE history that a McMahon family member has had no role within the company. With Grant’s lawsuit yet to yield any official charges against McMahon, the wrestling world has watched the allegations unfold with largely bated breath.

    AEW’s Tony Khan Breaks Silence on Vince McMahon Allegations

    (Photo: WWE, AEW)

    AEW President Tony Khan cannot comment on the allegations against Vince McMahon.

    “I can’t comment on the terrible allegations against WWE right now,” Khan told Fansided. “That’s something people are paying a lot of attention to right now, with good reason.”

    Grant’s lawsuit is anticipated to be just the first of many formal accusations against McMahon and WWE as a whole. WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart noted that he thinks “predatory behavior” like McMahon’s is “everywhere” within WWE. Longtime WWE employees have “personally expected” that McMahon will eventually face charges for his various sexual misconduct allegations.

    Unlike WWE, AEW has solely existed under one man’s control. With that in mind, Khan takes it upon himself to ensure his company has a “safe locker room environment.”

    “For us, first and foremost, trying to create a safe locker room environment for everybody, women and men, and we have a really good bond,” Khan continued. “I think we have a great locker room, and everyone knows there is a support system there. There are a lot of channels, and I think everybody feels very good about having a safe place and a safe workspace and there are people you can talk to. There are people in the office, but even on the wrestling side. For us, I think that’s the most important thing in any office of any workplace, is just having a lot of people that will listen and will want to make the company a safe and good place to work.”

    What comes next for McMahon remains to be seen. As of February 2nd, McMahon was under active investigation by federal agents and was subject to a search warrant for his phone.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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