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    The Golden Bachelorette is coming to ABC. During today’s TCA panel, the network confirmed that The Golden Bachelor would be getting it much-anticipated spin off. ABC brass touted the latest iteration of the beloved reality series’ performance. For those living under a rock, The Golden Bachelor brought in 11 million viewers to ABC when the show premiered. In addition, the series also gained viewership over the course of six weeks. That’s hard to do when I’m ever crowded media landscape. Now, the task is to find the woman who will chart her on journey to love just like Gerry Turner did.

    A lot of fans are probably on surprised by this move from ABC. The Golden Bachelorette was one of those first ideas put forward when the general public responded so positively to The Golden Bachelor. Really, it only makes sense to spin off show that raped in 4.6 million viewers on streaming. In fact, The Golden Bachelor was the highest rated performance for the series since 2020. That kind of ratings performance is going to grab the attention of any executive working in broadcast television. So, Bachelor Nation just has a ton to celebrate in the early moments of 2024.

    Fans Really Wanted The Golden Bachelorette

    (Photo: ABC)

    As The Golden Bachelor was wrapping up, people were already calling for The Golden Bachelorette. E! News previously asked Jesse Palmer about the prospect of a spinoff. The host said that he hadn’t gotten a call, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be excited to do it. Palmer explained, “Absolutely. I really hope that’s the case.” While he has no power over green lighting a series, especially one as successful for ABC as The Bachelor. Still, it’s hard not to look at those wild numbers from the initial outing and start looking for an older lady to charm America’s hearts right now. Here’s what else the quarterback and host had to say down below.

    “I can’t speak on behalf of executives or anybody else, obviously,” Palmer added when Golden Bachelorette inevitably came up. “I’m sure everyone’s waiting to see how this one goes first. But I know there are thousands of women across America deserving of that.”

    Will We See One Of The Ladies From The Golden Bachelor?


    So, with the show absolutely happening now, the question remains who will be The Golden Bachelorette? Some fans of the past season might want to see some of the ladies from Gerry’s search get another chance at love. There have already been some casting calls allegedly thrown out there. But the door is open for so many possibilities. Decider spoke to Golden Spouses Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist late last year. In their opinion, if one of the Golden Bachelor girls is up for that honor, they would love to see it.

    “It’s absolutely true that any one of these women would be perfect,” Nist replied when asked about one of the hopefuls getting her own season in the future. “We want that to be special for them. I hope that happens. And yeah, we’re excited to see!”

    Are you excited about The Golden Bachelorette? Let us know down in the comments!


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