Jay-Z Finally Settles “The Lunch with Jay-Z Or 0,000 Cash” Debate

For years, Netizens have pondered the value of a lunch with music legend, Jay-Z, versus a hefty $500,000 cash. With a career trajectory that’s become legendary in its own right, some argue that the insights he could provide are more priceless than any amount of money.

This age-old debate has recently found its resolution in an exclusive interview with Jay-Z conducted by Gayle King on CBS Morning. The mogul himself put an end to the speculation, offering a perspective that leans heavily towards financial practicality.

“You gotta take the money. What imma say,” Jay Z emphatically stated to King.

Jay-Z keeps it real, recognizing today’s tough economy. He points out that his valuable insights are right there in his music, only costing $10.99. With a wealth of lessons from his successful journey, taking the $500,000 is just plain smart.

“You’ve got all [of the wisdom] in the music for $10.99. That’s a bad deal. I wouldn’t tell you to cut a bad deal. Take the $500k, go and buy some albums, and listen to the albums. It’s all there,” he advised, putting an end to the long-standing debate. “If you piece it together and really listen to the music for the words for what it is, it’s all there; everything that I said was going to happen happened; everything I said I wanted to do I’ve done; and there’s the blueprint. The blueprint, literally to me and my life and my journey, is there already.”


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