Music: Nikki Laoye x Holy Drill x Sonny Green – ‘Yeshua (Extended)’

Multi-award-winning Soul singer Nikki Laoye drums up a surprise collaboration with music genius/producer, Holy Drill and British rapper Sonny Green in the extended drill version of one of the world’s favourite worship songs, YESHUA.

Produced by Holy Drill with the original song by Jesus Image, the worship anthem is a major crowd favourite with millions of listeners across the globe, raising up crazy praise while bumping to the hit tune on TikTok & IG Reels with staggering stream numbers.

With the enchanting vocal delivery that Nikki Laoye is renowned for and the thought-provoking bars by Sonny Green, the extended version is a further reminder of the power in the “Name that is above all names”.

The song is available now on all streaming platforms.

My Beloved is the most beautiful 
Among thousands and thousands

Yeshua, Yeshua 

Holy Spirit, you’re welcome here 
Cast out demons, Cast out fear 
Cast out grief and Cast out gear  
Cast out weed and cast out beer
You’re the king of my heart right here 

Pick up your mat, Walk out the bar
Rushing around, get out your car 
Stand and praise, know who you are 
Oh my days, Glory to Jah 
Blind will see He Set Me Free
Come a long way since SGB
Drugs and Crime, get behind me
Now’s the time to love, My G

Love each other
Enemies! Forgive them brother 
Praise the Lord, There is no other
Honor your father, Honor your mother 
Love your neighbour, Pray for each other 
Pray for your self, Pray for your family 
Pray for their health
You’re not alone, There’s always help
Thief in the night. Move in stealth
We need more love in this messed up world

Yeshua, Yeshua

Yours is the Kingdom
Yours is the Power
Yours is the Glory
Forever Amen 

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