It has been an extensive three-year wait since J Hus graced us with his highly acclaimed sophomore studio album, “Big Conspiracy.” This impressive 14-track project garnered widespread acclaim, featuring notable collaborations with Burna Boy, Koffee, Ella Mai, and other talented artists. Notably, “Big Conspiracy” skyrocketed to the top of the U.K. Albums chart, earning a gold certification.

Since the release of “Big Conspiracy,” J Hus has deliberately kept a low profile, sparking intense anticipation among fans who eagerly awaited his return and any glimpse of new music. Now, today, the rapper makes his official comeback with the release of “It’s Crazy,” a compelling drill-inspired track produced by Fumes Beats and The Elements. In this song, J Hus delves into various themes, including street life, mental health, spirituality, and more, delivering introspective and thought-provoking lyrics.

In the opening lines of “It’s Crazy,” J Hus reflects on the internal struggles he faces, acknowledging the presence of his inner demons. He candidly reveals the decisions he has made, symbolized by releasing three of the six devils within him. Expressing the need for space, he tells his friend to step back, emphasizing the intensity of his personal journey. J Hus’s raw and personal storytelling invites listeners into his world, where he navigates the complexities of his emotions and experiences.

Accompanying the release of “It’s Crazy” is a visually stunning music video directed by Taz Tron Delix. The video starts with J Hus positioned amongst a sizable crowd in an undisclosed location, creating an aura of intrigue. The scenes seamlessly transition into what appears to be a chaotic riot, filled with adrenaline-inducing imagery of four-wheelers, blazing barrels, and more. The visual aesthetic enhances the impact of the song, captivating viewers and further immersing them in J Hus’s artistic vision.

In the lead-up to his forthcoming third album, rumoured to be titled “Don’t Say Militancy,” J Hus has embarked on an innovative marketing campaign. Utilizing billboards and other promotional tools, he has generated buzz and anticipation among his dedicated fan base. Additionally, fans have been provided with a unique opportunity to engage by calling a phone number, where they are greeted with a cryptic message that leaves them pondering the possibilities. The enigmatic audio tantalizes listeners, fueling their excitement with the prospect of consecutive releases from J Hus.

Listen to It’s Crazy here.

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